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Super Fresh Chlorella

Super Fresh Chlorella




Product Brochure

Chlorella vulgaris algae. Enriched, freshly harvested, and chilled for enriching rotifers and for use in “Greenwater” culture.

Super Fresh Chlorella is perfect for use in:

  • Hatcheries
  • Research Facilities
  • Aquariums producing species that require rotifers as an initial feed. e.g. Barramundi
  • Shellfish producers: Super fresh Chlorella (DHA and B12 enriched) is ideal for oyster and mussel production.
    – Cell size 3 to 6um.

BMAQUA Chlorellaconvenient and cost effective

Super Fresh V12 Chlorella is a convenient and cost effective way of providing essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

shelf life around 30days – refrigerated

Fresh, chilled enriched Chlorella vulgaris. Harvested from approved continuous culture. Cool packed  and flown to International Australian Air Terminals.

SAVE $$$

You can save big dollars by not having to go through capital intensive setup costs and labour for larval runs that are sporadic.