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OTOHIME Hatchery and Mature fish Feeds

OTOHIME Hatchery and Mature fish Feeds



Product Brochure

BMAQUA are exclusive suppliers of Quality OTOHIME  Larvae / Hatchery/ Broodstock Conditioning/ Growout fish Feeds in Australia and New Zealand.

As exclusive Australia/New Zealand Distributors for Pacific Trading Company we are proud to offer this superior World recognised product locally.

Supplied by PTC Japan and manufactured using quality sustainable protein sources and non GM ingredients OTOHIME products are currently shipped worldwide. In use in many Aquaculture producing countries, where it is acknowledged as being the premium larval diet.  Sizes for Hatchery Feed, Broodstock Conditioning Feed, Growout Feed.

Otohime A Granule Larval Fish Feed

Otohime A Granule Larval Fish Feed

Otohime EP1 Granule Larval Fish Feed

Otohime EP1 Extruded Larval Fish Feed

Otohime S2 Granule Larval Fish Feed

Otohime S2 Granule Larval Fish Feed

Granular Sizes Size Packaging Box Lots
Otohime A 250um 1kg foil bags x 5 bags
Otohime B1 360um 2kg x 5bags
Otohime B2 360 – 650um 2kg x 5 bags
Otohime C1 580 – 910um 2kg x 5 bags
Otohime C2 910 – 1410um 2kg x 5 bags
Otohime S1 Av. 1mm 2kg x 5 bags
Otohime S2 Av. 1.4mm 2kg x 5 bags
Extruded Pellet Sizes   Size
Otohime EP1 1.7mm 10kg bag
Otohime EP2 2.3mm 20kg bag
Otohime EP4 4.1mm 20 kg bag
Otohime EP6 6.5mm 20kg bag
Otohime EP8 8.1mm 20kg bag
Otohime EP10 10mm 20kg bag

Typical analysis

Crude Protein                                   53%
Crude Fat                                         8%
Crude Fibre                                      3%
Ash                                                  16%
Calc.                                                2.3%
Phosphate                                        2.7%
Vits,Minerals,Antioxidents etc          15%

It works!  And we are yet to find a fish that doesn’t want to eat this food.
  • Larval health and vigour is optimised, mortalities decreased, all with minimal effect on water quality.
  • Suitable for both Marine and Freshwater species feeds.
  • Fingerlings and Juveniles show improved growth rate and more robust immune systems.
  • Aquarium Fish benefit as well with colours just coming alive.
    • Sizes from Larval feed at 250um through to Growout Diets up to 10mm.


We can ship Australia/New Zealand wide. Save on bulk shipments by asking to send direct to your nearest international Port.

Call +61 427 611 067 (local call 0427 611 067) email  for appropriate sizes, obligation free quotes, and orders.