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Larva Z Plus Premium Dry Larval Diet

Larva Z Plus Premium Dry Larval Diet


Product Brochure

Larval Z Plus is a proven, premium larval feed used throughout the world to produce the highest quality shrimp post-larvae. This nutrient dense dry larval diet is scientifically designed to yield better growth and survival while lowering FCR’s and ensuring superior water quality.

  • Increased nutrient density reduces required quantity of feed verses competition.
  • Semi-buoyant microparticles (slow-sinking).
  • Increases survival and decreases stress in larval rearing.
  • Contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) to support animal health and disease resistance.
  • Supports faster growth by promoting more rapid larval molting.
  • Ingredients are highly attractable and digestible.
  • Highly stable in water.
  • A naturally colored diet.
  • Nitrogen-preserved to extend shelf-life.


Crude Protein                                   Min 50%
Crude Fat                                         Min 15%
Crude Fibre                                      Max 2%
Moisture                                           Max 12%
Ash                                                    Max 8%
Phosphorus                                      Min 0.9%


  1. <50 μm              Z 1 to Z 3                 500 gram
  2. <100 μm            Z 3 to M 3                500 gram
  3. 100-150 μm      M 3 to PL 3             500 gram
  4. 150-250 μm      PL 3 to PL 6            500 gram
  5. 250-450 μm      PL 6 to PL 12          500 gram


A nutritionally balanced highly digestible formulation of animal protein products of marine origin, plant protein (including algae), yeast, fish and vegetable oils, vegetable starches, vitamin and mineral premixes, anti- oxidants, pigments, and biodegradable binders.


  • Best if used within twenty-four (24) months from date of manufacture.
  • Store in a cool (22° C/72° F), dry, well-ventilated area away from sunlight.
  • Opened pouches should be tightly sealed and stored at 0°C (32°F) or lower.
  • Rotate stock to use oldest product first (“first in, first out” principle).


This premium larval diet is designed to feed Zoea (Z) through Post Larval (PL) stages of shrimp.

  • Recommended for use in hatchery systems up through PL 12.
  • Consult your area Zeigler technical specialist for additional feed guidance.