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BMAQUA are exclusive suppliers of Quality OTOHIME Larvae and Mature fish Feeds.

Exclusively supplying hatcheries in both Australia and New Zealand.

Exclusive Australia/New Zealand Distributors for Pacific Trading Company.

We are proud to offer Super Fresh Chlorella, a superior World recognised product.

Larval Z Plus is a proven, premium larval feed used throughout the world to produce the highest quality shrimp post-larvae.

EZ Mate is a highly adaptable diet proven to consistently increase the production of high quality nauplii in maturation systems.

A natural microbial treatment containing
carefully selected strains for controlling
Vibrio spp. and other pathogenic

A natural microbial treatment containing
carefully selected strains for ammonia
reduction and organic waste remediation
to improve water quality in aquaculture

Complete Separation Increased viability and vitality Maximising hatching and higher biomass output Simultaneous hatching

Consistent Quality

INVE ARTEMIA CYSTS 425GM HIGH QUALITY Genuine GSL cysts processed and conditioned using INVE Aquaculture’s Optimal Quality Control Methods.

Min 84% Hatch Rate

BMAQUA will grow and be profitable through excellence in sales, service and consultancy to the aquaculture and water remediation industries throughout Australasia.


BMAQUA was born out of the desire to provide sound and proven advice to potential Fish Farmers and Aquaculture related ventures in general.

Bruce Atkinson (Director) has been in this industry for close to 30 years and has seen it all. He started fish farming in earthen ponds in the late eighties and has been an integral part of the industry since. He studied Aquatic Resource Management at UCQ but it is his practical hands on experience that makes the difference when advising clients on what equipment to buy and specific fish culture methods to pursue.

We specialise in RAS design and equipment.

We accept VISA, Mastercard and Direct Debit.

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